Contact Centre Setup

Build and manage your contact center with ease on single Cloud platforms from any remote areas intellectually and efficiently.

Use robust Interactive IVR technology to direct calls to a specific department or agent which can be ready in a matter of minutes. By defining the call flow your customers will choose from uploading a Welcome message, or a short snippet of music which enables a much more personalized customer approach

Cloud based Contact center agency requires minimal effort. The Customizable IVR, Intuitive flow builder are leveraged through intelligent agent routing.

An intelligent call routing distributes calls to agents based on the pre-selected requirements. Live agent supports call routing based on priority or random assignment. The priority assignment maximizes the availability of agents and minimizes the idle-time whereas Random assignment distributes calls randomly to available agents..

Benefits of Contact Center

Multiple channels on one platform:

Empowering agents in moving across multiple channels through one single customized interface

Remote agents/customers connected on cloud

Manage all conversations on cloud and offer excellent customer support irrespective of the location from where the customer or the agent is from.

Reduced calling time

You can now get connected to specific person/department in personal and get resolutions in no time.

Detailed Analytics

A real time analytical report which includes No of incoming calls, answered calls, Out Going calls, missed calls, talk time, Failed calls etc., are accessible.

CRM Integration

Connect your CRM Software to our embedded integration platforms enabling exceptional customer experiences. This powerful tool helps in gaining potential new customers and maintain strong relationships with existing customers. All messages are auto generated as CRM software keeps all of your customer information’s such as sales, Purchases, previous interaction records, matrices and scores etc.,

Live Call Transfer

You can now transfer a live call between Customer and Call center rep whenever required. The call is directed as an incoming call to the other rep/second agent to whom call is being transferred or it can also be an outgoing call dialed by other rep.Second agent. This mainly comes into picture when a customer either dose a mistake while selecting the options on the IVR call flow or when the caller wants to add senior on call to get queries resolved faster with ease and without any waiting period involved.

Call Recording

The call center agency come with this distinguished feature as no call is treated unwanted or least prioritized. Call recordings are helpful in many ways like a manager can check the agent performance during the call and guide/train him if accordingly, all recorded calls are heard by the Management level people to understand their current level/status of their business in the market and take necessary changes accordingly if any.

Live Monitoring

This feature enables Managers and Trainers listen to the happening calls without letting Employees know, you can hear the conversation of both ends. This enhances the development of training needs and customer unique queries being listed and worked upon accordingly by the Businesses. Live Monitoring is the fuel of Modern Contact Center success. From agents on the front office to executives who focus on back-end metrics. Benefits Makes Agents life easier Turn agents into experts Serving as lifeline in difficult situation it might me a technical crunch or service interruptions. Staff planning made easier Improve productivity Improve Customer Satisfaction.

Work from Anywhere

Yes the cloud based contact center allows the agent and the customer interact from any remote Geographic’s with lots of authenticity and ease. This gives customers a very healthy positive note and removes all their insecurities about in time availability of Agents, For a business it would be like no missing of answering queries of any customer irrespective of Large OR Small Business.

Agent Analysis

A detailed analysis onagent skills and performance is analysed so that any training requirement or replacement decisions are taken on a positive note for better productivity likely to have potential customers and satisfied customers on boarded.