Business WhatsApp API Reference document

Give your business a modest look by approaching your client through an emerging messaging platform and grab all the opportunities right there through  WhatsApp. WhatsApp can be used for sending promotions as well as customized informational messages to users.

Business WhatsApp API / Conversational Messages

You can now send Notifications, service related messages, all important information through streamlined WhatsAppBusiness API, which has now become a favorite messaging application, enhancing real time communication .


- You can reach billion of people securely through WhatsApp end to end encryption feature.
- Drive customer engagement interactive and conversational.
- Supported globally.
- WhatsApp is used as customer support..
- Used for verifications through API.


Build natural and enhanced customer experience through Chatbot which makes communication easier and approachable, through multi-level IVR Systems integrated. Chatbot inbuild auto responses feature helps user as well as the customer save lots of time and queries answered in no time with 10% authenticity. Our chat bot is strengthened by artificial intelligence modules that require minimal coding.

Uses of Chatbot

- Login/signup
- Lead generation
- Payment transactions
- Customer Support/Engagement
- Digital Transformation
- Field officer support
- Employee Training/Employee FAQ Support

Notifications/Informational SMS

Initiate conversations with customers with designed templates sent at any time the designed templates include customer support conversation on ticket status, alerts, delivery status etc., through WhatsApp.

The What Sapp Business API uses a REST API Architecture with JSON data formats. The API follows the standard HTTP request-response exchange




Register your WhatsApp account


Maintain your Certification Authority (CA) certificates for SSL configuration


Verify customer phone numbers to generate WhatsApp IDs


Check the status of your WhatsApp application


Upload, delete, and retrieve media


Send text, media, message templates, and other types of messages


Collect Web App metrics


Delete messages from the database


Set your WhatsApp application, profile, and backup and restore settings


Collect Coreapp and database stats


Manage first-party and third-party stickerpacks and stickers


Get help using the WhatsApp Business API


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